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Safe Locksmith Services

We provide on-site safe locksmith services & Vault Repair NYC — 7 days a week

Why would you need a safe locksmith NYC?

One of the items that make us unique is our on-site 24/7 safe locksmith services. It is one thing to be able to bring a small low-grade safe into the job. Yet, what if the safe is bolted down? What if you can’t even open it?

This is why we provide on-site emergency safe service. 

So, why would one need on-site safe service?

Locked out of Safe

This usually when:

– Staff members leave a company and have the combo with them
– An old safe is found in a new home, without any info
– A relative with the safe combination passed away
– The safe mechanism malfunctioned while the door was closed and it won’t open
– The safe wasn’t properly used

When you are locked out of your safe, there are a few ways to open it:

– Combination Manipulation: cracking the combo on a mechanical lock
– Drill Point & Repair — our tech drills a small hole and scopes the combination. The hole is then repaired with a carbonized filling making it safer than before
– Lock Drill — the safe is drilled at the lock itself

Once we arrive at the location we will know the best course of action. Read more about safe lockouts.

Lock Change or Combo Change

When you are locked out of your safe, there are a few ways to open it:

– Convenience — some proper a mechanical dial. Others prefer a keypad
– Security — locks have different grades of security. Sometimes a customer has a secure safe, with a low-quality lock, that just needs to be changed.
– Repair — safes are old, and when a lock is not properly maintained it may break. Yes, sometimes a lock is repairable; yet, security-wise it is sometimes best to upgrade the safe lock
– Tech Upgrade — want a biometric lock? Want it to work on WiFi? there are many options to consider, all may be possible

Safe Repair

Like everything, a safe is mechanical. Mechanics of not properly serviced can break over the years. However, what if it can be repaired? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to buy a brand new safe?

Components that may malfunction on your safe include:

– Safe Lock
– Bolting Work
– Relocker (beware of this)

Talk to us about servicing your safe to avoid having to call us for a safe repair!


Safe Installation in NYC

Take a look at the different safes City Safe has for a sale to see what would best fit your needs. Already bought the safe yourself? No worries, we’ll install your safe for you.

That includes moving, mounting and bolting it down. Take a look at our Safe Installation page to learn more about it!

24/7 Emergency Service

Provided to all neighborhoods in New York.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Manufacturer Warranty

On all safes sold. City Safe provides a warranty for all service

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We will ship your safe to almost every state