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Safe Lock Upgrade In NYC

Reliable lock Replacement and Safe Lock Upgrade

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City Safe provides 100% quality guaranteed products from commercial offices to residential homes. We service safes in Greater New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx. There are many contributing factors to why an upgrade in your safe lock is essential. One and the most common reason is convenience. 

It would be much easier and quicker to access your safe using lock upgrades like biometrics or passcode locks. Aside from that, it is an upgrade of security measures at home or any facility!

As mentioned, it contributes to increased security methods and makes a difference with any breakdown. A bit of service we offer caters to clients whose secure or vault needs appropriate repairs within the current circumstance. One advantage of having a long history within the current security locksmith could be a collection of repairs and extras to the rarest of safes or vaults. That makes us your best choice!


City Safe commits to providing dependable and reliable Safe Locksmith and Vault services in NYC. Working seven days a week, we point to reach the area of our clients within 20-30 minutes! We are equipped with 90% of the foremost common safe locks we see on the field. That permits us to total the work on the spot!

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City Safe provides a warranty for all services on all safes sold.

What We Offer

Whether it’s settling a seized bolt, updating your safe to a biometric framework, or expanding the security capabilities or comfort of your home and business’ security, we have what it takes to urge the work done right each time. Here are a few of the upgrades we offer:

Biometric Safe Lock Upgrades

Update your standard secure bolt keypads with upgraded highlights for control and adaptability. It is aiming for a natural client encounter and to bolster progressing improvements, keypad houses, and biometric finger looks that are impact-resistance and solid. It bolsters two strategies of passage: a touchscreen keypad and a biometric finger filter.

Touchpad Security Systems

It includes a digital lock with a customizable 4-digit code. It implies you are doing not got to stress around losing a key. You will be able to make sure your cash, coins, and other resources are safe by an input of a passcode. This overhaul is profoundly fitting to those safe proprietors that ought to get to their safe from time to time.

Safes and Vaults with Time-Delayed Lock Systems

As a rule less than one hour, an advanced, time-delayed bolt are prepared with a clock that delays the opening of the bolt by a user-definable delay period. Not at all like a time bolt, which opens at a preset time, time-delay locks are diverse. Its capacities each time the safe is opened at that point hold up for the set delay period to pass. This bolt framework is profoundly fitting for businesses.

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Reliable safe repair and upgrade by locksmith professionals!

From Residential to Commercial Safes, City Safe can handle all of your security needs!
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Manufacturer Warranty

On all safes sold. City Safe provides a warranty for all service

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We will ship your safe to almost every state