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24/7 Emergency Safe Locksmith Service In NYC

24/7 Safe Opening Service

NY City Safe offer residential and commercial emergency safe service. Working seven days a week, we aim to arrive to the location of our customers within 20-30 minutes.

Our service areas for emergency safe service include Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx. We also service Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties.

We are always equipped with 90% of the most common locks we see on the field. That allows us to complete the job on the spot. If it is repair you need, we will do our best to restore it to original condition. Sometimes it makes more sense security-wise to switch the lock itself. If that happens, you can choose either a mechanical or digital safe lock. We carry products from top manufactures; including Amsec, Gardall, S&G, Kaba, Lagard, and other leading safe brands.

Most of our emergency safe service calls are because the customer is locked out of their safe.

We can open almost any safe, and we do it the right way. You may ask, “then what is the wrong way?”

Ways of Safe Opening During Emergency Lockout

A good safe technician can open your safe without damaging it. There are many methods we use. Here are a few:

Combination Manipulation

like you see in the movies, the technician connects an AMP with earphones to the safe. Slowly but surely we are able to hear the mechanical lock movement. Manipulation does not work on every safe, but on some it is the preferred method.


We drill a small hole in the safe, and with a high-end scope are able to see the wheel movement. Once the safe is opened, we repair the hole with toughened carbide. The right carbide makes the hole then drill-proof—more secure than it was before.

Electrical Current

If you have a digital lock, it might be able to be opened by low voltage current. During this method, we penetrate the lock case and trigger the motherboard. Once the electricity hits the right place, the latch comes open.

There are many other options, it depends on the safe and lock. Once we arrive at the location we will analyze the situation. Then, recommend the best course of action.

The Wrong Way

You know you have a professional safe locksmith when your safe is in good condition when he leaves. Over the years, we have seen customers and other professionals from other industries try opening it the wrong way. Here are some of the worst:

– Hitting it with a sledgehammer: that can trigger the bolts and relocking mechanism
– Hitting the handle: well, if you have broken handle then even when the safe lock is off you won’t be able to open it
– Grinding: well, there goes your beautiful $1,000 safe to the trash
– Trying to cut off the hinges — really?

There are other foolish methods we saw. Whether you choose us or not — don’t be a victim to fraud.

Why is Emergency Safe Locksmith required?

So why do people get locked out of their safes in the first place?

Lost Safe Combination

an employee with the combo left the company. Maybe a relative that had it passed a way. Or maybe, you just for got it. It happens to more people than you think.

Safe Malfunction

very often, safes aren’t treated right. It is easy to see them as a sturdy box that can withstand anything; however, they need to be treated properly. We’ve seen customers slam the safe door, hang heavy items on the handle, mess around with the bolts. It was easy for them to put off — until the moment they were locked out of their safe.

Safe malfunctions also happen because of reflection. Safe locks need to be serviced, like any other mechanical items existing. It’s pretty easy, but unfortunately, customers only think about it once they can’t open the safe.

Incorrect Installation

Love doing things yourself? So do we! that’s why what we do what we do. We love solving problems. However, what if you try to install a safe by yourself. Or, try programming and changing a combo yourself. Although this may seem like a simple task, if not done right you may end of with no access to the safe.

There are many other reasons people get locked out of their safes. In any case, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

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