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In most instances, bolting down your safe is an option. Doing so will provide additional safety as free standing safes can be easily carried or broken into if not bolted down. Majority of safes arrive with pre-drilled holes and bolting gear. Our recommendation is to use the services of a safe expert to complete the bolting process properly and secure your safe with the highest standards.

Safes with digital locking mechanism are easily changeable by following instructions on the safe manual. Safes with a mechanical dial require an expert to reset the combination.

In all high security safes the batteries compartment is placed on the outside making it easy to replace them. Changing the batteries will not resent your combination. 

The keypad will indicate the batteries are low. Following the instruction on the safe’s manual can be easily done.

There are several factors determining the type of safe suitable for your needs. Consider the following questions: 

  • Is this safe for personal or professional use?
  • What kind of valuables (documents, jewelry, cash, art, etc.) will you be keeping in the safe?
  • Once the use has been determined, decide on the size of the safe. We recommend purchasing a safe slightly bigger than you think, in case you may add other valuables you are not thinking about at this moment. Feel free to contact us for our professional advice. 

This depends on your safe. Below are a few options to retrieve your lost combination:

  1. Manufactured Recovery Code: As a safe company, we can retrieve the combination directly from the manufacturer with your safe’s serial number.
  2. As professional safe experts, our skills, expertise and experience provide us with several options opening your safe with minimal damage and fixing it for reuse. Methods may include drilling, and in most cases, will be almost unseen while the safe will function as before.

A “lock-out” mode on a high security safe is a built-in digital mechanism providing additional measure of security. It limits the number of incorrect combination entries; usually between two to four entries. The “lock-out” mode will last anywhere between ten to twenty minutes based on the lock’s brand. Once the “lock-out” mode has passed, you may enter the right combination to open your safe.

We provide a one-year warranty on parts and labor with every safe purchase. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

First, check the batteries. Non-rechargeable, non lithium, 100% Alkaline batteries, such as Duracell or Energizer, are recommended. You can also try turning the safe handle to the right, while still keeping the pressure, enter the combination, then turn the safe handle to the left. Your safe should open after two beeps are sound. If you still have trouble with opening your safe, please contact us for further assistance.

A dual-key safe requires holders of two different keys to be in attendance in order to open the safe. This provides an extra layer of protection where non-returnable deposits are made. The shift supervisor or employee can make the deposit without having to open the safe or have the key for it. Once the valuable is dropped, there is no option of retrieving it without opening the safe. The dual-key safes are recommended for the businesses in the service industry, such as hotels, bars, restaurants, and more.

NY City Safe Inc is owned and managed by skilled safe experts who have many years of experience in New York City and are dedicated to providing the tailored and specialized services for your needs.

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