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Emergency Safe Lockout Solutions and Services In NYC

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City Safe

City Safe offers home and commercial emergency safe lockout services around Greater New York, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx. Aside from giving 100% quality ensured safes, we too offer the taking after help for emergency lockouts, safe bolt upkeep and repair, modern safe establishments, and more! Our mission is to continue providing legitimate, high-quality safes and vaults in New York! As certified safe locksmiths in NYC, we guarantee 100% fulfillment assurance!


City Safe commits to providing dependable and reliable safe locksmith services. Working seven days a week, we point to reach the area of our clients within 20-30 minutes! We are equipped with 90% of the foremost common safe locks we see on the field. That permits us to complete the work on the spot!

Emergency Services
Looking for an emergency locksmith? We offer emergency-safe services 24/7.

Satisfaction Guarantee
We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our service.

Safe Professionals
Our team is composed of certified, authorized, and insured safe tech.

Free Consultation
We provide free expert advice about the technicalities of your safes.

Nationwide Shipping
We will ship your safe to almost every state!

Manufacturer Warranty
City Safe provides a warranty for all services on all safes sold.

Maintenance and Emergency Repair Services in NYC

A professional safe technician’s objective is to assist you to open your safe without harming it. There are numerous strategies we utilize, depending on your circumstance. Here are a few:

Combination Manipulation

As you see within the motion pictures, the professional interfaces an AMP with earphones to the safe. We’ll be utilizing the lock against itself to find the combination. Gradually but doubtlessly we are ready to listen to the mechanical bolt development. This way, it dodges harming your safe as the method would not require penetrating or damaging the safe in any way. Control does not work on each safe, but on a few, it is the favored strategy.


To get an intimate look into a specific part, we drill a little gap within the safe. With a high-end scope, we are ready to see the wheel development. Scoping gets to be the foremost commonsense alternative when manipulation-proof locks are executed as a frame of security measure. Once the safe is opened, we repair the hole with toughened carbide. The proper carbide makes the gap at that point drill-proof that’s more secure than it was some time recently.

Electrical Current

In the event that you have got a digital bolt, it can be able to be opened by a low voltage current. Amid this method, we enter the bolt case and trigger the motherboard. Once the power hits the proper put, the hook comes open. There are numerous other choices, it depends on the safe and bolt. Once we arrive at the area we are going to analyze the circumstance. At that point, we suggest the leading course of activity.

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From Residential to Commercial, City Safe can handle all of your security needs!
24/7 Emergency Service

Provided to all neighborhoods in New York.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We will make sure you are happy with our service

Manufacturer Warranty

On all safes sold. City Safe provides a warranty for all service

Nationwide Shipping

We will ship your safe to almost every state