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Lock combination change is not done as a measure for repair but as a preemptive endeavor to boost the overall security of a safe or vault. With the outstanding technological advances made in modern times, the chances of your home or office combination leaking out are quite substantial.
In commercial setups particularly, there is a greater number of people accessing your office and other important places holding important assets. In such setups, security risks rise exponentially thus demanding updated strategies. Our loyalty lies with our customers hence we keep you informed with privileged information about your safe or vault especially if you are using a smart lock system.

Now picture having to lose a trusted employee for whatever reason. There is no guaranteeing that they have the scruples to stay loyal to your firm. This logic also applies in a home set up. The bottom line, however, is that if you find the need to keep your valuables secured, it only makes good sense to ascertain that such security is always optimal.
Customers in New York who involve us in scheduled changing of their combinations enjoy standardized rates they can appreciate in the long term. Finding a diligent locksmith company in the crowded New York security industry can be a gamble without proper guidance. City Safe helps you save precious time and money with concise combination change services that keep you on the loop in every scheduled session.

Our safe and vault technicians in New York are on a 24-hour call system any time of the week around the year even in the off-peak seasons. As long as our technicians are conversant with the combination model, the protocols used to change electronic security systems is straightforward for an expert. This means that with special equipment it will only take a few minutes.
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