Stack-On Sovereign S-60-DGP-E-S-72 60 Gun Safe



  • External Dimensions: 72″H x 43″W x 28.5″D
  • Internal Dimensions: 69″H x 40.5″W x 22″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 36.1
  • Gun Capacity: 60 Guns / 40 Guns & Storage / 20 Guns and Storage / All Storage
  • Shelf Count: 9
  • Weight: 1,024 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 75 Minutes
  • Lock: Electronic

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Product Details:                                        

  • Elegant and durable storage safe for firearms and valuables
  • Accommodates 60 long guns
  • Waterproof and has 75-Minute fire protection
  • Has convenient electronic lock with up to 8-digit combinations

Elegant and durable storage safe for firearms and valuables

Stack-On Sovereign S-60-DGP-E-S-72 is engineered to store and protect your most treasured belongings and firearms. It features an external dimension of 72″x 43” x 28.5” and weighs 1,024 lbs. This well-designed safe looks elegant with its dark gray pebble color exterior and a complementing gray-colored carpeted interior, making your valuables also safe from scratches. To provide better stability during installation, it comes with mounting hardware.

Accommodates 60 long guns

This gun safe features an interior storage space of 36.1 cu. ft. It proudly bears approval from the California Firearm Safety Device, assuring that it meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder. This sovereign safe has nine adjustable shelves (two full-width and seven one-third width), allowing you to customize space depending on your storage needs. If you use it mainly to store rifles, it can accommodate up to 60 pcs. However, if you wish to utilize it both to store guns and valuables, you can keep 20-40 pcs. of long guns. You also have the option to use it as whole storage. Its convertible interior includes a factory-installed door organizer with sewn-in gun holsters, zippered pouches, leatherette trimmed barrel rests, and trimmed partitions.

Waterproof and has 75-Minute fire protection

Stack-On Sovereign S-60-DGP-E-S-72 is waterproof and can protect its contents up to 2 ft. of standing water for 72 hours. It is also certified fireproof after passing a rigorous fire endurance test under an external temperature of 1,400°F for 75 minutes. In addition, it maintained an interior temperature below 350°F during the entire duration.

Has convenient electronic lock with up to 8-digit combinations

This sovereign safe is convenient to use with an electronic lock that can store 3–8-digit combinations. It includes a backup key making it still very reliable even when if batteries fail during an emergency. You can also put its keypad into silent mode. The batteries of this lock are accessible from the front, and you will not have a hard time replacing them. For added protection, it showcases a drill-resistant hardened steel plate located behind the lock.  This safe also has 4-way door locking with a total of fourteen locking points (nine 1.5″ tapered live action locking bolts and five 1″ deadbolts).

Additional information

Weight 1024 lbs
Dimensions 40.5 × 22 × 72 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating