AMSEC NF6030-E5 | 90-Minute Fire Gun Safes




  • Weight: 854 lbs
  • Gun Metal Gray Finish
  • Inside Dimensions: 53.50″ H x 25.31″ W x 18.13″ D
  • Outside Dimensions: 59″H x 30″W x 26″D
  • 14+14+2=30 Guns capacity
  • Type 1 Electronic Lock
  • 90 Minutes @ 1200º fire rating
  • 1/4” plate steel, 4 anchor holes with Internal Electrical Power Outlet
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Product Details:

  • RSC-rated gun safe
  • Superior fire-resistant features
  • Elegant exterior and interior features
  • High-level locking mechanism security

RSC-rated gun safe

AMSEC NF6030-E5 has an outside dimension of 59″(h) x 30″(w) x 26″(d) with a gun capacity of 14+14+2=30. It bears an RSC (Residential Security Containers) rating for burglary classification with its high-strength 11-gauge all-steel body. It passed a vigorous 5-minute burglary test wherein a man tried breaking-in using various tools found in a household. The safe’s ¼” thick steel plate door successfully withstood all the physical attacks during the test.

Superior fire-resistant features

AMSEC NF6030-E5 is verified fire-resistant after passing a 90-minute fire test. During the trial, it was put under an external temperature of 1200°F and maintained an internal temperature of less than 350°F. This safe also has three-strategically engineered insulating drywall and dual fire seals around the entire door for added fire protection.

Elegant exterior and interior features 

The gunmetal gray finish and decorative five-spoke handle put a touch of elegance to this safe. The 14.21 cu. ft interior storage space also looks classy with its plush grey fabric liner. It also comes with a premium door organizer that has zippered pockets and transparent pouches for your valuables. It also features two-row holders for choke tubes, ammo, and small flashlights. You will also enjoy a two-full width storage system with four holsters to store multiple handguns.

High-level locking mechanism security

With its cam-driven locking mechanism and an increased handle rotation, AMSEC NF6030-E5 provides tighter security measures. When under a severe attack, the handle will even disengage. Adding to its security features is its 4-way boltwork locking mechanism with nine active 1-1/2″ chrome-plated bolts and five deadbolts. You can also choose between two electronic (ESL 10XL or ESL5) and mechanical type locks, whichever can fulfill your locking requirements for a safe.  

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Weight 854 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 30 × 59 in



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AMSEC NF6030 American Security NF Gun Safe
AMSEC NF6030-E5 | 90-Minute Fire Gun Safes
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