AMSEC BF1716 Residential Fire Rated and Burglary Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 22.25″H x 21.75″W x 21.75″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 17”H x 16.5”W x 16”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 2.6
  • Weight: 412 lbs.
  • Shelf Count: 1
  • Fire Rating: 1 Hour
  • Burglar Rating: U.L. RSC
  • 1/2″ solid steel plate
  • Durable and textured finish
  • Lifetime fire warranty

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The AMSEC BF1716 Burglary Safe with Fire Rating, Medium is the second smallest safe available in its category – the BF series. BF1716 Safe meets 60 minutes of fire protection at 1200-degree F.If a fire reaches 1200 degrees F outside, its interior will only see a maximum of 350-degree F after one hour.  This safe also has a U.L RSC rating for Burglary Classification.

AMSEC BF1716 Safe comes with a unique feature – having an Intumescent Door Seal. This means that in case of exposure to heat, the patented material made by BASF will expand to as much as 8 times its original thickness. This material, Palusol, after expansion, works as a thermal barrier, thus providing additional protection for the contents inside. 

AMSEC Burglary Safe has a double lock mechanism. The Underwriters Laboratory listed Group II number lock is combined with an auxiliary manual turn-handle relock spring-loaded device.

BF1716 safe is ideal for home and residential use. You can safely keep your important documents, jewelry, memory storage devices, cash, guns, camera, passports, and other valuables. This model comes with a removable shelf option. The locking bolts are made of solid steel, have nice-looking chrome plating, and are one-inch thick.

BF1716 is the second smallest of the four safes in this series and packs a solid punch of safety in its possible space. Storage space is 4,488 cubic inches, almost double that of the smallest safe in this series. You can review the model numbers BF1512, BF2116, and BF3416. The digits represent the inner width (here 16.5 inches) and inner height (here 17 inches) of the safe.

BF1716 fire-rated safe is built by American Security, a trusted brand for safes and vaults since 1946, which means the products are time tested and quality guaranteed. The manufacturer provides a lifetime replacement in case of fire exposure that damages the contents. Buying from NYCITYSAFE will ensure that you get guaranteed local service, support, and customer care; promptly and with a smile.

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Weight 412 lbs
Dimensions 21.75 × 21.75 × 22.25 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating