AMSEC BWB4020FL Wide Body Deposit Safe



  • Weight: 360 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Internal Dimensions: 29″H x 19.75″W x 17″D
  • External Dimensions: 49.75″H x 20″W x 20″D
  •  9,737 cubic inches storage space
  • Bolt detent system that locks the door on closing, 5 bolts
  • Front Load Depository with 3 shelves
  • Interior Locker with Key Lock
  • Burglary Rating – B Rated

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Product Details:

  • Convenient front-load deposit safe 
  • Durable body and door construction highly resistant to physical attacks
  • Tall and secure storage for cash and valuables
  • Three-way Locking Mechanism

Convenient front-load deposit safe 

Featuring a front-load depository slot, AMSEC BWB4020FL allows several people to deposit cash any time of the day, but you can put a limit to those who can have an access key or code to open the safe. This particular feature allows for a smooth cash management process and helps minimize possible internal and external theft situations. The maximum drop capacity is 4″ x 9″ x 11-1/2″ and can accommodate large packages and envelopes containing bills.

Durable body and door construction highly resistant to physical attacks

Looks classy in its black color, AMSEC BWB4020FL showcases A36 solid steel door and boy. It also boasts the B-rating Burglary because of its high-strength form and structure. Its ½”-thick recessed door provides outstanding protection to pry attacks. On the other hand, the reinforced internal jambs on the four sides discourage entry from physical abuse such as sledgehammer attacks.

Tall and secure storage for cash and valuables

This depository safe is towering with its 29″ interior height and provides ample storage for a business establishment’s cash sales, collected checks, rolled coins, and essential documents. It also includes three adjustable shelves making it very versatile. You can modify it according to your storage requirement.

Three-way Locking Mechanism

This deposit safe bears the U.L. listed Group II, key changeable combination lock standard. You have choices among lock option types, namely, Electronic Lock (ESL 10XL), Electronic Lock (ESL 20XL), Electronic Lock (S&G 6120), Key Operated, and Mechanical. These types are protected by a large carburized hard plate, making them resistant to forced entry attempts through manipulation such as drill attacks. The auxiliary spring-loaded relocker helps secure the bolts in a closed position even if the burglar successfully drills through the plate.

Additional information

Weight 360 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 49.75 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating


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