AMSEC DSF2714K Front Loading Deposit Safe



  • Inside Dimensions: 17.25″H x 13.75″W x 11″D
  • Outside Dimensions: 27.25″H x 14″W x 14″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.5
  • Weight: 93 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • Lock: Dual Control Key

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Product Details:

  • Provides burglary protection for your cash and valuables
  • Perfect for retail stores and businesses with multiple locations
  • Superior quality locking mechanism
  • Large and space-efficient storage

Provides burglary protection for your cash and valuables AMSEC DSF2014C proudly bears a B-rating Burglary because of its high-strength body construction made from A36 solid steel plate. It also showcases a 1/2″ thick recessed door of the same material to resist pry attacks. On the other hand, the formed door jamb is an additional security feature that heightened resistance against sledgehammer attacks. All these provide excellent security for your cash, checks, documents, and other valuable belongings.  Perfect cash management safe for businesses requiring non-returnable deposits This deposit safe features a front-load hopper where employees can immediately deposit extra cash on hand. This procedure prevents them from keeping too much cash, resulting in possible theft attempts and shrinkage. It allows you to enjoy better profits and allocate more budget for other business interests. This is ideal for retail stores, restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, gas stations, and many more. Superior quality locking mechanism AMSEC DSF2014C uses Dual Control Key Lock, a Master key lock, and a User two key system. You can assign one to the manager and one to the supervisor to manage cash handling accountability effectively. Being the only authorized personnel to operate the vault, either one should be present when opening it. It is also protected by dual “anti-fish” baffles that make it impossible for people to pull out cash or envelopes inside the safe by using a wire. A large carburized hard plate protects the lock and relocks devices of this vault. Its exceptional bolt detent system engages boltwork automatically and locks the door on closing. Large and space-efficient storage With external dimensions of 27.25″(h) x 14″(w) x 14″(d) and storage space of 2,609 cubic inches(1.5 cubic ft.), it creates a big compartment with full depth depository capabilities. Its black color also looks very stylish and elegant in any space you wish to place it.

Additional information

Weight 93 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 27.25 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating