AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-E15 Cash Management Safe



  • Internal Dimensions:
    • Top: 10.375″H x 20″W x 17″D
    • Bottom: 10.375″H x 20″W x 17″D
  • External Dimensions: 28″H x 20.5″W x 20″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage:
    • Top: 1.9
    • Bottom: 2.2
  • Weight: 278 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • Lock: Electronic

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Product Details:

  • Center-drop, two-door deposit safe for unusual-sized objects
  • Ideal storage solution for better cash management or retail stores
  • Convenient electronic locks
  • Includes tight security features to resist external physical attacks

Center-Drop, dual door deposit safe for unusual-sized objects

Designed to meet your storage needs, AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-E15 can accommodate stuffed envelopes, wide parcels, and many more. It features a 16.5” (w) x 2.5” (d) drop and has an exceptional capacity to take in even unusual-sized objects such as a large bag full of coins that other drop depository safes can’t. It also includes door-mounted coin racks. In addition, this vault has two doors that function separately but in a single unit, making it very cost-efficient. Each has individual locks too. 

Ideal storage solution for better cash management or retail stores 

AMSEC MM2820CTR-Drop-E15 towers at 28” in height. It is high enough to store many packages but compact enough to fit into most retail counters. This dual-door safe is recommended for businesses that are not requiring returnable deposits like convenience stores, restaurants, shoe stores, etc. It can help you achieve better cash control with your business by limiting the number of people who can access each compartment while anyone can make deposits anytime. In addition, this process can help protect the mysterious disappearances of valuable items and pilferage.

Convenient electronic locks with Dual Control Mode 

Featuring the superior-quality standard anti-manipulation, U.L listed Group II combination locks, you can program the lock to require two combinations to open. You have a choice between Electronic Lock (ESL15) and Electronic Lock (ESLAudit) to suit your business or personal needs. ESL 15 features a 15-minute lockout penalty when you input incorrect combinations. It also permits multiple users to access the compartment by having one master code and eight unique individual user codes. This type of lock has a factory reset setting feature that can save you time, energy, and money because you no longer need expensive locksmith’s services. The ESLAudit Electronic lock, on the other hand, showcases an integrated USB port with a user-friendly P.C application system. These features allow easy downloading and uploading of lock settings, audit trail downloading, software upgrades uploading, and many more.

Strict security features against Burglary

AMSECMM2820CTR-Drop-E15 is an under-counter dual-door depository safe with doors and a body built with A36 solid steel. It proudly bears the B-rating for Burglary. Its ½”-thick recessed door protects against pry attacks, while the formed door jamb makes it resistant against sledgehammer attacks. The depository drop also has anti-fish baffles making it impossible for an unauthorized person to access and get contents from the safe by using a wire.

Additional information

Weight 278 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20.5 × 28 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating