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Different Types Of Floor Mounted Safes With Digital Keypads And Deposit Chutes

There are many different types of safes and a floor safe is just one of the many. When looking for a floor safe that can be hidden right away, one should think about many things to consider prior to installing floor-mounted safes. There are many qualities a safe should have and some are having a thick door, dust cover, and UL-approved lock. 

There are many other characteristics that will be further discussed in this article. Due to the high-security level and quality of these safes, they even stay for many years or even a lifetime. The time when you have to remodel a house will always come and you just never know you’ll find it somewhere in that house too. Read on to learn more about digital keypad floor safes and their features with City Safe!

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Floor Safe

When shopping for in-floor safes for the home, you’ll have many choices; however, you should be looking for specific features in the safe you choose. 

  • The floor safe should have a thick steel door – If the safe’s door is not thick enough, it could easily be cut into or pried open. Check out body floor safes that can be updated to a 1” thick door for double the security.
  • UL-approved lock – You don’t want to have an issue getting into your own safe. A UL-approved lock is a high-quality lock and should it become necessary. It is something a locksmith could help you get into should you forget the code. An In-Floor Safe should be rustproof and leak-resistant and features a UL Listed Group II Dial Combination Lock.
  • Dust cover – The purpose that dust covers provide is with the locking systems and that allows it to be covered with carpet or any type of floor covering. This is one effective way of hiding or concealing a floor safe. 

    No one would even know that the safe is on the floor since the floor covering will lay flat over the safe. Aside from that, it could also serve as protection from dust that could possibly cause damage.
  • Re-lockers – Choose a safe that has at least one re-locker. In this case, more is better. There are ways that these re-lockers are triggered and how they react during a burglar attack. This type of floor safe features a large carburized hard plate to protect the lock and re-lockers.

Types of Floor Safes

There is a wide variety of floor safes and they classify with their features, functions, and purpose. Its main function is to protect valuables such as cash, jewelry, guns, and other essential documents that are sensitive. Most of these valuables are the type that would be attractive to the eyes of thieves.

Aside from that, it could also protect it from possible fire and water damage. They also differ in terms of size, capacity, and limitations. Here are the following types that classify with their function and features:

  • Door Jamb and Hinges – The structure of the door hinges and jamb is important for a floor safe. The following areas are potential weak points for gaining entry to in-floor safes. A good-quality floor safe has a solid steel door jamb that thieves cannot easily pry apart. 

    Floor safes with gaps in between the jamb and door are also more secure accordingly. They make it more challenging to get a pry bar into the space. The safe’s hinges should also be located inside the unit. It is to prevent a burglar from removing or dismantling the hinges to infiltrate it.
  • Fireproofing – As a form of additional security measure, floor safes keep items secured and protected in the event of any fire emergency. Safes are made from thick steel and they can endure flames and heat. They protect the contents, valuables, and documents that are locked within. 

    Many safes can tolerate temperatures up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping your valuables safe from fire damage. With that being said, there is no safe in existence that is completely fireproof. There is a sustained heat that would eventually affect the safe’s contents. 

    It is because of the fact that they are exposed to extreme temperatures. Some safe types are more fire-resistant than others and it fairly depends. Dial combination safes, naturally, can endure high temperatures better than those with electronic or digital locks.
  • Waterproofing – Due to the nature of a  floor safe’s position, it can make it susceptible to water damage. Most water damages are caused by flooding or natural disasters. Floor safes that are not waterproof will fill with water should the home experience flooding. Some floor safes are watertight, protecting important documents and gadgets from harm. 

General Tips When Purchasing Floor Safes

To be able to make sure that you are on the right track. We have the best general tips to know that you have everything off your checklist. Here are the following:

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