Gardall WMS129-G-K Fireproof Insulated Wall Safe

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  • Outside Dimension: 17.25″H x 14″W x 15.25″D
  • Inside Dimension: 12.75″H x 9.50″W x 10.25″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.72
  • Weight: 101 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: 1 Hour
  • Lock: Key-Operated
  • 2″ flange and bolt down hardware

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Product Details:

  • Insulated wall safe with pull-out tray
  • Carries 1 -hour fire and impact label
  • Option of key-operated, mechanical, or both locking mechanism
  • Easy installation with flange and anchor holes

Insulated wall safe with pull-out tray

Gardall WMS129-G-K features an external dimension of 17.25″H x 14″W x 15.25″D and have internal storage of 0.72 cu. ft. that offers a great storage solution for your documents, cash, and other valuables. It comes with a pull-out tray, serving as an additional compartment for your small items. This feature helps maximize the storage space of this vault. This heavy-duty wall safe showcases a powder-coated paint finish for increased durability

Carries 1 -hour fire and impact label

Gardall WMS129-G-K passed a fire-resistant test that lasted for 1 hour. This wall safe was put under an external temperature of 1700°F and maintained an internal temperature that did not exceed 350°F during the entire trial duration. It carries both U.L and K.I.S fire endurance labels. Additionally, it also passed an impact test, and during this trial, the unit underwent another heating process then dropped from a location of 30-ft. high

Option of key-operated, mechanical, or both locking mechanism 

This wall safe comes with a standard traditional lock system that makes an excellent compromise between price and quality. However, you can also choose to have a mechanical lock if you value long-term usage and reliability for an additional cost. As shown in the image, you can also select both lock types. Gardall WMS129-G-K also features two chrome-plated locking bolts for extra security against drilling attacks.

Easy installation with flange and anchor holes

The Gardall WMS129-G-K comes with a 2” flange that goes around the safe. This feature allows for easy installation and makes it difficult for anyone to access the mounting bolts to cut them. You do not bolt this safe to the studs but the flange to the safe. It would be best to have a platform built behind the wall underneath the safe because it is quite heavy at 101 lbs. Mount this safe to the platform with an anchor bolt through the anchor hole that you can find in the middle of the safe. The standard 4” or 6” depth of walls are too shallow for this safe. You can also install this where there are two back-to-back closets or under a stairwell.

Additional information

Weight 101 lbs
Dimensions 15.25 × 14 × 17.25 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating