AMSEC WFS149 | Wall Safe

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  • Weight:104 lbs
  • Color: Black Granite
  • Outside Dimensions: 19.50″H × 14″W × 15.38″D
  • Approximate Inside Dimensions: 15.25″Hx 9.75″W x 9.88″D
  • 1468 cubic inches(0.7 cubic ft.) storage space
  • Combination lock
  • 1 Mounting Flange with 1 drawer
  • 1-hour fire rating
  • Extra deep interior and convenient drawer shelf
  • Equipped with incorporating 1/2″ steel deadbolts
  • Illuminated Keypad (Digital)
  • Factory Reset Combination in case of lost combinations (Digital)
  • Offers stealthy protection against manipulation attempts with a 15-minute penalty lockout feature (Digital)
  • Inventive swing bolt reversible lock design for left or right-handed installation

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Product Details:

  • Fireproof Wall Safe
  • Highly-resistant to pry attacks
  • Reliable electronic or mechanical locking mechanism
  • Pre-drilled anchor holes for quick installation

Fireproof Wall Safe

A perfect security solution for any home, AMSEC WFS149, with its 1468 cubic inches (0.7 cubic ft.) storage space, provides ample room for your valuables, cash, and essential documents. It comes with a convenient pullout tray to keep things organized inside. This safe also passed a 60-minute fire test. The unit was put under an external temperature of 1700°F while maintaining an inside temperature that did not exceed 350°F. It provides peace of mind to all homeowners by protecting your most-treasured possession with its strict security features. This safe comes in a black granite textured finish that blends well with any room or wall.

Highly-resistant to pry attacks

AMSEC WFS14 features one live locking bolt and two solid steel deadbolts located on the hinge side. These bolts protect the safe during a pry attack. Additionally, it has a recessed ½” thick door that allows the lock and the handle to reside evenly with the wall. This feature allows you to hide the safe by putting it underneath a picture frame. No one will notice that you have a vault behind.

Reliable mechanical locking mechanism

You can choose between an electronic or mechanical lock, but both offer high security. An electronic lock allows ease of use and best for short-term use. Mechanical locks, on the other hand, hold up well even if abused by the end-user. Its functionality does not depend so much on environmental or external factors and fixed battery supply.

Pre-drilled anchor holes for quick installation

AMSEC WFS149 has an external measurement of19.50″(h) × 14″(w) × 15.38″(d), and you can easily install this between 16” wall studs by utilizing the pre-drilled anchor holes. It also comes with a built-in flange that can cover up cut drywall or unevenness. You don’t need to do touch-ups, repairs, and replastering.

Additional information

Weight 104 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 × 14 × 15.375 in



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AMSEC WFS149 Wall Safe
AMSEC WFS149 | Wall Safe
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