AMSEC UL3918 UL Two Hour Fire & Impact Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 49.25″H x 25.5″W x 25.5″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 39”H x 18”W x 18”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 7.3
  • Weight: 808 lbs.
  • Shelf Count: 2
  • Fire Rating: Two Hours
  • Lock: Key changeable Combination Lock with relock
  • Can withstand a second-story fall
  • Lifetime fire warranty

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The AMSEC UL3918 Fire and Impact Safe is the largest safe in the UL series safes from AMSEC. The UL series of safes provide excellent fire safety for documents that you cannot afford to lose. You can safely keep your jewelry, passports, camera, electronic memory devices, collectibles, tax returns, documents, or cash in this unit. Four smaller units of varying sizes are available in this series. 

AMSEC UL3918 Fire Safe is U.L. listed Class 350 degree F two-hour fire and impact rating. This means that the safe can withstand fire temperatures of up to 1850 degrees F for 2 hours.  The safe is also built to protect its contents from heavy impacts, even a 30-foot drop, say, from the second floor. Such is the impressive strength and safety these safes provide.

AMSEC UL3918 Impact Safe is built with added barriers and features for burglary protection. An impressive 3 ½” thick recessed door has a ⅝” thick front. This protects the safe from any prying or sledgehammer attacks. The locking mechanism is handle activated and has multiple ⅞“ diameter solid steel locking bolts with a chrome finish. 

AMSEC UL3918 Safe allows locking with a U.L listed Group II key changeable combination lock with relock. This lock has a potential 1 million possible combinations, ensuring failure on random attempts by any miscreant. The relock device, which is auxiliary spring-loaded, activates itself on severe attacks. 

AMSEC UL3918 Fire and Impact Safe is built by American Security, a trusted brand for safes and vaults since 1946, which means the products are time tested and quality guaranteed. Buying from NYCITYSAFE will ensure that you get guaranteed local service, support, and customer care; promptly and with a smile.

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Weight 808 lbs
Dimensions 25.5 × 25.5 × 49.25 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating