Gardall LCF2820-G-C Double Door Depository Safe

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  • Outside Dimension: 28″H x 20″W x 16″D
  • Inside Dimensions:
    • Top Compartment: 8″H x 16″W x 13″D
    • Bottom Compartment: 8.50″H x 16″W x 13″D
  • Interior Cu. Ft. : 0.96
  • Weight: 174 lbs.
  • Color: Gray
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • 1/2” plate steel door and 1/8” thick body

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Product Details:

  • Front-load, space-saving depository safe
  • Minimizes cash losses
  • For home use and companies that require non-returnable cash
  • Burglary-resistant

Front-load, space-saving depository safe

Gardall LCF2820-G-C is a dual-door safe that has a front-door deposit slot with storage space of 0.96 cu. ft. You can drop your cash, collected cheques or documents, and they will directly go to the locked top layer to secure them. The bottom layer can store extra cash or highly confidential documents that only top-level management can access. This unit has two separate doors with individual high-security mechanical locks. It functions like two different safes in a single unit, occupying less space than two freestanding units.

Minimizes cash losses

Gardall LCF2820-G-C allows different levels of accountabilities for each layer. Anyone can deposit items through the front-load deposit slot. At the same time, you can assign a team leader, supervisor, or manager to access the first upper compartment where items directly fall. Any one of these trusted employees should be present to open the vault when it’s already time to deposit the collected cash or cheques. You may utilize the bottom layer to store extra money, blank cheques, and highly confidential files. Access for this portion of the safe can be stricter, having the manager and people from upper management only. As the accountabilities are clearly defined with this process, you can minimize theft occurrences in your business operations. In addition, you will enjoy more profits that you can use for other interests to grow the business.

For home use and companies that require non-returnable cash

This depository safe features an external dimension of 28″H x 20″W x 16″D and weighs 174 lbs., and you can always find a good spot for this in your residence or office. Its functionalities are also ideal for businesses that require non-returnable cash like retail stores, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, armored cars, and many more.


Gardall LCF2820-G-C proudly bears a B-rating for burglary classification. Its  1/2” plate steel door and 1/8” thick body can resist theft attempts using physical attacks. This safe also showcases more security features such as a laser-cut door for an exact fit, an anti-fish sawtooth baffle, and an independent re-locker. To make the vault more stable, utilize the pre-drilled anchor hole when you mount it.

Additional information

Weight 174 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 20 × 28 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating