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  • Weight: 104 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • 1513 cubic inches(0.6 cubic ft.) storage space
  • Approximate Inside Dimensions: 10.25″H x 13.75″W x 11″D
  • Outside Dimensions: 27.25″H x 14″W x 14″D
  • Bolt detent system that locks the door on closing, 1 bolt
  • 1 anchor hole, top load depository
  • “B” Rated Burglary
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Product Details:

  • Deposit safe with excellent storage space
  • B-rated for burglary classification
  • Includes dual anti-fish baffles
  • Elegant and easy to install

Deposit safe with excellent storage space

AMSEC DSC2014KC is a depository safe that allows placing your valuables through a front-loading deposit door, a locked door with a top-loading rotary hopper, or a reverse hopper. The top locker has 127 cubic inches of interior storage, while the deposit safe has 513 cubic inches. It facilitates smooth and easy deposits and excellent storage for jewelry, cash, and essential belongings with its total 1513 cubic inches(0.6 cubic ft.) storage space.

B-rated for burglary classification

This vault features a ½” thick A36 solid steel plate door. It is recessed by ½” to strengthen resistance against pry attack and has a formed doorjamb designed to survive against hammer attacks. It has a strong body form and “B” rated for Burglary. The rating means that the industry recognizes its thick steel body has protection capabilities.

Includes dual anti-fish baffles

AMSEC DSC2014KC has a U.L. Group II dial combination lock on the bottom compartment. On the other hand, the top-day locker uses a cam lock, so it is not advisable to store your cash or valuables overnight. Dual anti-fish baffles protect the heavy-duty 3/16” thick recessed front hopper. It prevents thieves or unauthorized persons from stealing or forcing their way into the slot to get the items inside the vault. It has a bolt detent system that engages boltwork automatically. The door remains in a retracted position and locks automatically on closing. It also features an auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device protected by a large carburized hard plate.

Elegant and easy to install

Its elegant black color fits well with any office or home design. Consider its external dimensions of 27.25″(h) x 14″(w) x 14″(d)  and weight of 104 lbs. when you decide on its location. It comes with four pre-drilled anchor bolt holes for easy mounting and provides stability to your safe when you place it on the floor, counter, or surfaces.

Additional information

Weight 104 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 27.25 in



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AMSEC DSC2014KC Deposit Safes with Top Locker
AMSEC DSC2014KC | Deposit Safes
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