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What To Do If You Lock Yourself Out of Your Safe?

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When you discover that you have unintentionally locked yourself out of your safe, you can eventually regret purchasing the best security measures. This brings up the crucial query: What to do if you lock yourself out of your safe? Attempting to crack it open is your natural reaction. Still, hold on! There is a safer approach to accessing its contents without damaging your safe or being wounded.  

Dos and Don’ts of Getting Back into Safe

This is very crucial information gathered for you by NY City Safes to keep you and your valuables intact and safe in this distressing situation. A thorough guide to getting an Emergency Lockout Service.


When trying to break in, you should never do the following:

Never attempt to Disintegrate the wiring of the unit.

You might be let down if you believe that taking the unit’s wiring apart will get you access to the safe. In addition to causing a manual lockout, which helps deter intruders, this can render your safe inoperative once it is opened.

Never Attempt to Override the Security on Your Safe

Many high-tech security features are included in modern safes. You risk making it even more difficult to enter if you try to override it. Locate a serial number and get assistance by calling the company. They might be able to direct your activities and assist you in opening it. In certain situations, attempting to disable its security can activate a penalty lockout mode in the safe, rendering it unbreakable to overcome.

Never Open a Locked Safe with a Drill

Drilling to get entry is risky regardless of whether you have an electronic, combination, conventional, or combination lock. If you are not well-versed in the safe manufacturing process, drilling could easily result in injury. Furthermore, you will damage the safe beyond repair.

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First of all, don’t panic at all, keep calm. Now do the following activities:

Keep Calm and Cool

Remain calm is the first thing you should do if your safe has been locked. Give yourself a few moments to gather your thoughts. You might injure yourself in your hurry to get to the things in your safe. If you choose to break into your safe, you run the risk of damaging the safe. Wait until your mind is clear enough to come up with reasonable solutions before taking any action.

Contact Your Safe Dealer

If you’re still using the default combination, your safe dealer might be able to assist you with the safe opening. When you contact them to inquire about getting the original combination, be prepared with your identity and the purchase contract. If your safe is not too old, you ought to have the information on file. To avoid wasting time, give your dealer a call in advance to find out which documents are required for your request.

Get The Record of Your Access Code or Backup Key

After you’ve composed yourself, think about if you have another means to open your safe. It would be great to have an extra key if the safe has mechanical key locking so you can avoid being locked out. Ask your family members or reliable staff that you have shared your code with if your safe cannot be opened using the code you remember. It would be quite simple to solve your problem if they could recall the correct passcode.

Call a Licensed Local Locksmith

It’s time to get in touch with a qualified local locksmith or security specialist if, regrettably, none of the aforementioned fixes work. Depending on how secure your safe is, the locksmith ought to be able to open it quickly and without damaging the safe itself. As a last resort, they would drill a tiny hole in your safe to deactivate the lock, allowing you to access your belongings while they looked at every potential remedy. This is unlikely, though.

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You can feel secure knowing that your sentimental and precious belongings are protected by your safe. Remember that even the most advanced safes are susceptible to lockout. Make sure your safe is operational, and in case you get locked out, always have an effective backup.


When faced with a sudden emergency lockout situation, NY City Safe provides swift and reliable Emergency Lockout Service. We ensure you regain access promptly and safely without damaging your safe or your valuables.

It can be annoying and stressful to have a safe that won’t open, especially if you need to quickly retrieve your belongings. You can quickly retrieve your assets by determining the type of safe you have, comprehending the signs of the obstruction, and taking the appropriate action to fix the issue. It’s crucial to remember that if you are unsure of what you are doing or if you try all the steps but are still unable to unlock your safe, it is better to get in touch with an expert to get you back in your safe.

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