Hayman FV-151-C FlameVault One-Hour Fire Safe



  • Outside Dimensions: 19.63″H x 13.75″W x 16.75″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 15.00″H x 9.25″W x 12.00″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.96
  • Weight: 119 lbs.
  • Color: 2-Tone Gray
  • Drawer Count: 1
  • Fire Rating: 1 Hour
  •  Lock: Dial Combination

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Product Details:                                        

  • Small yet durable steel storage for your belongings
  • With removable drawer and tri-spoke handle
  • With one-hour fire protection
  • Strict locking mechanism with mechanical dial

Small yet durable steel storage for your belongings

Hayman FV-151-C FlameVault features an external dimension of 19.63″H x 13.75″W x 16.75″D. Its compact size doesn’t stop it from providing your most prized belongings utmost protection. You can keep this small safe inside the tight and hidden spaces in your home or office. Additionally, its durable steel construction is something that burglars cannot destroy easily. Also, you can use it for a long time. It is ideal for keeping your jewelry, keys, extra cash, important documents, and other valuables.

With removable drawer and tri-spoke handle

This vault offers an interior storage space of 0.96 cu. ft. and has a removable drawer for extra storage. It showcases an attractive and classy two-tone gray color that suits any room or wall design. Weighing only 119 lbs., burglars can easily carry it if not securely mounted.  To establish better stability, utilize its center anchor hole during installation to make it immovable and impossible to remove from any surface. Adding to its elegant design is its tri-spoke handle that does not only look beautiful as an embellishment but will also help you open the safe quickly.

With one-hour fire protection

Hayman FV-151-C is certified fire-resistant and passed a thorough fire endurance test. During the 60-minute trial, the unit was inside a burn chamber under an external heat of 1,700°F. It kept an interior temperature of 350°F and below the entire time. At this level, even the most fire-sensitive material like paper will not char.

Strict locking mechanism with mechanical dial

This FlameVault showcases a highly reliable dial combination lock. This lock type will not fail you because it doesn’t run on batteries or power supply to function. It also doesn’t depend on external factors and the environment, so you are assured that you can access the safe as long as you know the correct number combinations to dial. To keep your valuables more secure, it has a door detent that automatically relocks the safe when the door is closed.

Additional information

Weight 119 lbs
Dimensions 16.75 × 13.75 × 19.63 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating