Gardall WMS911-G-K | Insulated Wall Safe

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  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Inside Dimensions: 8.50″ H X 12.00″ W X 8.50″ D
  • Outside Dimensions: 12″H x 15.75″W x 12.5″D
  • Key-Operated lock
  • U.L. 1 Hour fire rating at 1700°F

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Product Details:

  • All-steel hidden safe for your valuables
  • 1 -hour fire protection 
  • Includes flange for easy installation
  • Dual-security locking mechanism

Insulated wall safe with pull-out tray

Featuring an all-steel construction, Gardall WMS911-G-K is a heavy-duty wall safe where you can store cash, jewelry, documents and other valuables. It has an external dimension of 12″(h) x 15.75″(w) x 12.5″(d) and has a maximized storage space with a pull-out tray where you can organize and secure small items. You can hide this insulated safe behind a picture, painting or mirror so that visitors and possible burglars will not know that you have a secret vault.

1 -hour fire protection 

Gardall WMS129-G-K bears a fire-resistant label after going through a one-hour endurance test. During the trial, the safe was under an external temperature of 1700°F with a maintained internal temperature that did not exceed 350°F. The contents inside the vault remained unharmed; thus, this safe is capable of protecting your valuables under fire. It also showcases a powder-coated paint finish for intensified durability.

Includes flange for easy installation

This insulated wall safe comes with a 2″ flange and bolt down hardware to make installation easier. The flange goes around the safe making it difficult for burglars to access the mounting bolts and cut them. Call a professional to install this safe if you are not handy with a drill as you need to drill the flanges. You can mount this between studs in standard 2″ x 4″ (16/oc) construction. Please note that the standard 4″ or 6″ depth of walls are too shallow for this safe with a depth of 1.5″. Build a platform behind the wall underneath the safe to secure this 75-pound vault. It is best to install this where there are two back-to-back closets or under a stairwell.

Dual-security locking mechanism

Gardall WMS129-G-K comes with a secured mechanical key lock. It provides excellent security without the risk of online hacking, and it also doesn’t depend on batteries to run. Combination and key provide dual-security. You need to enter the correct combination and then make a 1/2 turn the key to retract the bolts and open the safe.

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Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 15.75 × 12 in


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Gardall WMS911-G-CK
Gardall WMS911-G-K | Insulated Wall Safe
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