Gardall SS1612-G-K Two Hour Fire Rated Record Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 20″H x 16.25″W x 17.50″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 16.50″H x 11.50″W x 11.50″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.26
  • Weight: 140 lbs.
  • Color: Gray
  • Shelf Count: 1 adjustable shelf
  • Fire Rating: Two Hours
  • Powder coated paint
  • Gardall lifetime fire warranty

*Add 1 1⁄2” to outside depth for dial & handle.

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Product Details:

  • Vertical safe with adjustable shelf and drawer
  • With a 1-hour fire rating
  • Precision-built door and body
  • Key-operated lock for controlled access

Vertical safe with adjustable shelf and drawer

Having a safe home ensures security against thieves and people you cannot trust your identity and most-prized possessions. The things that you need to store in a safe include family heirlooms, extra cash, irreplaceable documents, jewelry, and your valuable collections. These are items that are worth a hefty amount or priceless because of their sentimental value. Gardall SS1612-G-K is an ideal storage safe where you can store all these items. It is vertically-oriented with external dimensions of 20″H x 16.25″W x 17.50″D and storage space of 1.26 cubic ft. In addition, it comes with an adjustable shelf and a drawer to help you organize smaller items that need a separate compartment. 

With a 1-hour fire rating

Gardall SS1612-G-K bears a one-hour fire protection rating. It passed a fire-endurance test under an external temperature of 1700°F for 60 minutes while maintaining an interior temperature of less than 350°F. This safe also showcases a powder-coated paint finish for long-lasting durability and increased fire protection capability. This kind of paint is more resistant to flame than liquid because it went through a thermal curing process.

Precision-built door and body

This microwave-style vault comes with soft rounded edges that add to its beautiful craftsmanship. Gardall SS1612-G-K’s door is built with extra heavy steel and can do a complete 180-degree swing on its tough hinges with interlocking. It also features tongue and groove closure on all door frame’s sides. It also comes with an anchor hole that you can utilize to mount it securely into the ground, providing more stability.

Key-operated lock for controlled access

Gardall SS1612-G-K features a standard key-operated lock. It allows you to limit the number of people who can access it by giving only keys to those you can fully trust. You also don’t need to memorize codes and combinations, so it is not difficult to operate.

Additional information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 × 16.25 × 20 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating