Gardall 1812-2 Two Hour Fire & Burglary Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 25″H x 17.25″W x 19.75″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 18″H x 12″W x 11.75″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.47
  • Weight: 313 lbs.
  • Color: Gray, Sandstone
  • Shelf Count: 1
  • Fire Rating: Two Hours
  • Burglar Rating: RSC
  • 4-1/4” anti-pry door and 2-1/2” thick walls

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Product Details:

  • Ample storage space with upholstered interior 
  • Durable and theft-resistant
  • Passed fire endurance and drop tests
  • Mechanical or electronic lock options

Ample storage space with upholstered interior 

Gardall 1812-2 has an external dimension of 25″H x 17.25″W x 19.75″D with a storage space of 1.47 cubic ft. This safe is ideal for any residential or commercial area that needs a secure place to store daily essentials, cash, jewelry, documents, and many more. This vault includes one adjustable shelf, and you can customize how much space you need per layer depending on your storage requirement. It also showcases a plush carpeted interior to protect our jewelry and other valuables, free from scratches or damages. It also prevents items from slipping quickly.

Durable and theft-resistant

This safe has an RSC (Residential Security Container) rating for Burglary Classification with its 4-1/4” anti-pry recessed door and 2-1/2” thick walls. It gives you peace of mind that even when you go out for a business trip or a mini-vacation, your valuables are safe from being stolen by thieves. This safe also features a chrome-plated handle that does not allow anyone to have forcible entry through handle attacks. For additional security, use its center anchor hole to bolt it down steadily into your desired location. Its compact size makes it very versatile and fits any small area. You can install this on the floor, countertop or hide it inside your closet.

Passed fire endurance and drop tests

Gardall 1812-2 endured a two-hour test with exposure to severe fire with an exterior temperature of 1850°F and an interior temperature that did not exceed 350°F. After this fire-endurance test, it went through an impact test and successfully passed this as well. From a 30 ft. high location in this trial, the unit dropped directly to a concrete rumble. The safe turned upside down, then reheated for 45 minutes at 1638°F. Contents inside the safe were still intact and undamaged for the entire duration and after cooling down.

Mechanical or electronic lock options

This vault showcases five active bolts on the door that locks it. These round bolts measure 1” in diameter and extend deep into the safe’s body. You can choose between high-security locking options available for Gardall 1812-2, namely, S&G 6120 electronic lock and mechanical lock. If you value convenience and ease of use, you can select S&G 6120 because it only requires a one-step operation. On the other hand, the mechanical lock is meant for long-term usage and strongly dependable because you don’t need a power source or batteries to run it. This safe also features one relocking device with hard plate protection that provides resistance against drilling attacks on the locking mechanism.

Additional information

Weight 313 lbs
Dimensions 19.75 × 17.25 × 25 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating