FireKing DP2150-M Mixed Media Safe

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  • Weight: 1,290 lbs
  • Outside Dimensions: 59.75″ H X 32.00″ W X 31.00″ D
  • Inside Dimensions: 19.50″ H X 26.75″ W X 16.69″ D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 5.04
  • Fire Rating: 3 Hours
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Product Details:

  • 2-in-1 storage safe for documents and computer media
  • Provides fire protection
  • Passed an impact rating test
  • Programmable electronic lock

2-in-1 storage safe for documents and computer media

FireKing DP2150-M showcases an exterior dimension of 59.75″ (h) X 32.00″ (w) X 31.00″ (d) . This storage safe is an excellent asset to have for our business and personal use. It has a total interior storage space of  5.04 cubic feet and has two separate compartments inside, offering versatile protection for your paper documents and computer media.

Provides fire protection

The top section of this two-compartment safe has a UL Class 350 1-hour rating and ideal storage for your paper documents. This rating means that when you expose this to an external temperature of over 1700°F, its interior will not exceed 350°F. On the other hand, the bottom portion features a UL Class 125 3-Hour rating that can safely store and protect your CDs, tapes, discs, thumb drives, hard drives, and other media during a fire. This rating means that when it receives an external heat exposure of  1925°F, its interior temperature will not exceed 125° for at least three hours

Passed an impact rating test

Fire can result in structures or buildings collapsing, and you need an impact-rated safe to withstand such a situation. FireKing DP2150-M  Mixed Media Safe also showcases an impact rating. It survived a test that subjected it to a 1550°F furnace, raised to a 30-foot elevation, dropped to a pile of bricks, then returned to the furnace and reheated. Its internal temperature did not rise above 350°F, and the sample papers left inside were still readable.

Programmable electronic lock

FireKing DP2150-M has an attractive Platinum finish and features an electronic lock. It offers ease of use, and you can program easy-to-remember codes. You don’t need to deal with grueling dial turning, as you can quickly deposit or withdraw items here by pushing the correct buttons.

Additional information

Weight 1290 lbs
Dimensions 31.00 × 32.00 × 59.75 in

Burglary Rating


External Height (in)

External Length (in)

External Width (in)

Fire Rating

Internal Dimensions


FireKing DP2150-M Mixed Media Safe
FireKing DP2150-M Mixed Media Safe
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