FireKing 4-3822-C Lateral Fire File Cabinet

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  • Weight: 907 lbs
  • Outside Dimensions: 52.75″ H X 37.50″ W X 22.13″ D
  • Inside Dimensions: 10.75″ H X 31.91″ W X 15.13″ D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 3
  • Fire Rating: 1 Hour


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Product Details:

  • File cabinet for documents with a safety feature
  • With excellent fire protection
  • Certified water-resistant
  • Seamless construction with a sleek design

File cabinet for documents with a safety feature

FireKing 4-3822-C is a horizontally-oriented file cabinet that includes four drawers. It has an external dimension of 52.75″ (h) X 37.50″ (w) X 22.13″ (d) and interior storage space of 3 cubic ft. that can fit both letter and legal-sized files. You can organize your business or personal documents in this storage and enjoy finding them quickly as you need them. This file cabinet showcases high sides that also allow you to hang file folders without having additional frames. It also features a 2-position drawer catch, an excellent safety feature, allowing you to access a single drawer while the others remain locked. As this drawer-catch interlocks, it stops the other drawers from opening while protecting users from accidental tipping.

With excellent fire protection

FireKing 4-3822-C is a certified fire-resistant lateral file cabinet. It passed a series of severe tests, including a 1-hour test under exterior exposure at 1700°F, a 2000°F explosion test, and a 30-foot drop to test impact integrity. The fireproof gypsum insulation of this file cabinet with a 1”x2” steel lattice reinforcement provides impact protection on all six sides. The drawers are separated insulated containers individually because it contains insulation between each other. It also helps prevent fire from spreading.

Certified water-resistant

Water coming from equipment that you use to prevent a fire, like sprinklers and hoses, can cause damages to your file cabinet. However, FireKing 4-3822-C’s design allows the prevention of water damages. Certified water-resistant, it passed a severe test that subjected it to two conditions – under a 15-minute test with up to 1,000 gallons of water spray and leaving it standing under 6 inches of water for one hour.

Seamless construction with a sleek design

FireKing 4-3822-C’s showcases a powder-coating finish on all sides and bottom, allowing an easy-maintenance for a scratch-free surface. This type of paint makes it more flame-resistant because it underwent a thermal curing process, unlike liquid types. Additionally, this file cabinet features exterior-mounted handles that contribute to a sleeker yet functional design.

Additional information

Weight 907 lbs
Dimensions 22.13 × 37.50 × 52.75 in

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FireKing 4-3822-C Lateral Fire File Cabinet
FireKing 4-3822-C Lateral Fire File Cabinet
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