Cannon AE594830-60 | 72 Gun Fire Resistant Safe – American Eagle

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When it comes to gun safes, Cannon is a leading brand. Their AE594830-60-H1TEC-17 gun safe is the perfect combination of luxury and security

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It has a 72 gun capacity, which is ideal for individuals who want to secure their precious collections. The interior has multiple shelf layers that will help organize its content correctly, and it is finished with high-end upholstery for added extravagance.

The security feature of this gun safe includes a triple hard plate, 4 inches locking bolts, and a triple fin intumescent seal. A triple hard plate is six layers of hardened steel, which protects your lock from drills. The 4 inches locking bolt protects your safe from being pried open using crowbars and other similar tools. Lastly, the triplefin intumescent seal works to improve the door’s resistance against fire.

Furthermore, Cannon AE594830-60 gun safe is fire resistant. This means that the safe can retain its structural integrity despite a massive fire that will last up to 60 minutes. 

In terms of the exterior, the Cannon AE594830-60 gun safe has a jet black finish with the brand emblem, electronic keypad, and a door handle. This subtle exterior finish makes it easy to keep the safe lowkey in any room design aesthetic. 

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Weight 770 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 48 × 59 in
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Cannon American Eagle Gun Safe
Cannon AE594830-60 | 72 Gun Fire Resistant Safe – American Eagle
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