AMSEC VD8036BF Fire Resistant Vault Door



  • Wall Opening Dimensions: 79.50″H x 35.50″W
  • Door Opening Dimensions: 77.50″H x 31″W
  • Door Weight: 819 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 989 lbs.

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Product Details:

  • Extra-wide vault door
  • Has 2-stage dual fire seals
  • 2” thick door with adjustable frames
  • With internal release mechanism

Extra-wide vault door

When your collection is ever-growing, and you need more than just a safe but an entire room, AMSEC VD8036-BF Vault Door is what you need. This door has outside dimensions of 79.50″(h) x 35.50″(w), and it can turn any room into a residential vault or a security center. You can store guns and other valuables such as heirlooms, contracts, family records, various equipment, and bulk items.

Has 2-stage dual fire seals

AMSEC VD8036-BF showcases the patented seamless 1-3/8” Dry Light concrete insulation that acts as a fire barrier. This feature will help slow down the heat from entering the safe room. For additional fire protection, it has 2-stage dual fire seals. In addition, it has a silicone seal on the door jamb and an expandable Palusol seal on the vault door’s frame. 

2” thick door with adjustable frames

This massive 2” thick door is constructed with a ½” outer steel plate. AMSEC VD8036-BF also features an adjustable doorframe that slides together to fit a wall that has 4¾” to 9¾” thickness. For additional security, it includes ten massive 1½” thick bolts.

With internal release mechanism

AMSEC VD8036-BF features an internal safety release mechanism that allows you to open the door from within whenever you find yourself locked inside the room. You have a choice among 4 electronic (ESL 10XL, ESL 20XL, ESL5, S&G 6120) and mechanical types for your locking system.  If this vault door is equipped with an electronic lock, you can close and lock it inside while preventing access from the outside. On the other hand, the mechanical combination lock is backed by a drill-shattering hard plate and dual relocking devices.

Additional information

Weight 989 lbs
Dimensions 35.5 × 79.5 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating