AMSEC SF6036E5 Rifle and Gun Safe

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  • Internal Dimension: 54.50″ H X 32.50″ W X 20.13″ D
  • External Dimension: 59.00″ H X 36.00″ W X 26.00″ D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 20.63
  • Gun Capacity: 17-17-34 + 2
  • Weight: 724 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: One Hour
  • Lock: Electronic

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Product Details:

  • Gun and rifle safe with elegant exterior and upholstered interior
  • Theft-resistant, robust body and door construction
  • Superior fire protection
  • Features electronic lock with high-security

Gun and rifle safe with elegant exterior and upholstered interior

AMSEC SF6036E5 is a gun and rifle safe that features an external dimension of 59″(h) x 36″(w) x 26″(d) and a gun capacity of 17-17-34 + 2. It showcases an interior capacity of 20.63 cubic ft. The interior is changeable and can accommodate 17 long guns with shelves or 34 long guns without shelves. This safe’s firewalls have a plush gray fabric cover, and the shelves have an American Oakwood laminate finish. It has a full-width top shelf, a Premium Door Organizer on its back door cover. Its exterior has a black-textured finish that adds to this safe’s stylish and classy look.

Theft-resistant, robust body and door construction

This gun and rifle safe highlights a durable 12-gauge solid steel body.  AMSEC SF6036E5  also features a 3-5/8” recessed door with a 3/16” solid steel plate door. These best-of-its-class materials provide excellent resistance against burglary attacks. Additionally, this safe comes with four anchor holes that you can utilize during installation. By bolting it down securely to the ground, it provides better security and stability. It is another theft-resistant feature because one will have difficulty moving and removing it from the ground.

Superior fire protection

AMSEC SF6036E5 bears a certification for fire protection with a rating of 1200 degrees F for 60 minutes. It can sustain an interior temperature not exceeding 350 degrees F. The door and body contain fire insulation material. It also features an unparalleled 2-stage dual fire seal – a silicone seal on the door jamb and an expandable seal on the door. All these features work together in providing ultimate fire protection to your firearms and other valuables.

Features electronic lock with high-security

AMSEC SF6036E5 showcases an ESL5 Electronic Lock with an illuminated keypad. Besides the ease of use that this electronic lock offers, it allows you to key in your codes even in the dark conveniently. It also contains drill-resistant hard plate protection and a spring-loaded relocking device. This safe also features a three-point black nickel tri-spoke handle that prevents excessive torque and retracts bolts during break-in attempts.

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