AMSEC C5 STAR Round Lift Out Door Floor Safe



  • Internal Dimensions: 8.25″ DIA x 10″
  • External Dimensions: 8.75″ DIA x 13.5″
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.30
  • Weight: 48 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • Burglar Rating: B

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Product Details:

  • Space-saving, cylindrical lift-out door floor safe
  • High-security, manipulation-resistant features
  • With water-resistant and high-impact cover
  • Compact and can be hidden easily

Space-saving, cylindrical lift-out door floor safe

This tubular-shaped floor safe, AMSEC C5, is designed so that your valuables will be out of sight from burglars, visitors, and strangers, whether inside your residence or office. It doesn’t occupy so much floor space with its dimensions of 8.75″ (diameter) x 13.5″ depth. This type of safe is also ideal for small establishments, retail stores, gas stations, fast foods as it provides discrete but tight security of your valuables.

High-security, manipulation-resistant features

Filled with numerous safety features, you can never go wrong with this safe for personal or business use. It features AMSEC’s standard A36 solid steel body and door. The body is  ¼” -thick with a seven ¼” clear opening. The round door with its one ¾” chrome steel protects a Group II Manipulation Proof, key changeable mechanical lock.  This lock is a removable dial that you can separately hide from the safe, making it impossible for anyone to access it without permission. It also features a drill and drives a resistant spindle with three locking bolts. To cut or destroy the spindle and bolts, you should use a tool that is about over 25,000 lbs. Short of saying, no one can easily do it.

With water-resistant and high-impact cover

AMSEC C5 showcases a water-resistant dust cover. However, for items that can easily be destroyed by water, it is advisable to put them inside a zip lock bag before securing them inside because the safe is not waterproof. The dust cover is also high impact and features a rubber “O”-ring seal that does not easily rattle or slide, unlike other covers.

Compact and can be hidden easily

This black cylindrical safe only weighs 48 lbs, and you can tuck it in anywhere. You can have peace of mind going out for a business trip or mini-vacation by placing your jewelry and valuables inside. Hide it inside the ground and cover it with a rug or carpet. The burglar who breaks in will not have time to search in these hidden locations as they need to go out right away. They will only grab what they can see easily.

Additional information

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 8.75 × 13.5 in
Fire Rating

Burglar Rating