AMSEC BLB2018 B-Rated Premium Free Standing Security Chest



  • Inside Dimensions: 30″H x 18″W x 16″D
  • Outside Dimensions: 30 ½”H x 18 ½”W x 19″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 5
  • Clear Door Safe Only: 28″H x 16″W
  • Weight: 312 lbs.
  • Burglar Rating: B

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Product Details:

  • Vertical storage safe for your valuables
  • B-rated security chest
  • Recessed, pry-resistant door
  • Highly reliable and durable lock

Vertical storage safe for your valuables

AMSEC BLB3018 is a vertically oriented storage safe with an external dimension of 30½” x 18½” x 19″. It showcases an internal storage capacity of 8,640 cubic inches (5 cubic ft.). It includes two adjustable shelves that help you organize your stuff better. It gives you the freedom to customize the amount of space you need for storage per layer.  This security safe can hold documents, cash, jewelry, and other valuables that need protection. It weighs 218 lbs. and features an attractive gray textured finish.

B-rated security chest

This security safe proudly bears a B rating for Burglary Classification, a badge of excellence, quality, and performance. It showcases a durable, all-steel construction with its ¼” -thick body. It also comes with a reinforcing frame that gives an appearance of 1″ thick walls that helps discourage attacks. 

Recessed, pry-resistant door

AMSEC BLB3018 features a top-notch ½”-thick all-steel recessed door equipped with unparalleled security. This pry-resistant door showcases a carburized hard plate, spring-loaded relocking device, and three 1″ solid steel locking bolts. It also features adjustable hinges with a solid steel full-length dead bar for protection. This dead bar helps prevents door removal even when someone removes the hinges during a forced entry attempt.

Highly reliable and durable lock

This storage safe features a high-quality U.L. listed Group II key changeable lock with an internal relock and 1 million possible combinations. It operates without batteries or a power source and doesn’t depend on the external environment to function correctly. It is highly reliable and will not fail you at all times. With its durable design, its service can last years and years.

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