AMSEC BFS2815E1 Burglary & Fire Safe




  • Inside Dimensions: 28 1/4″H x 15″W x 15 1/2″D
  • Outside Dimensions: 33″H x 20″W x 22 3/4″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 3.8
  • Weight: 490 lbs:
  • Shelf Count: 2
  • Fire Rating: 1 Hour
  • Burglar Rating: RSC

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Product Details:

  • Storage safe with two adjustable shelves
  • Structurally sound door and body
  • With fire-resistant properties
  • Programmable and convenient lock

Storage safe with two adjustable shelves

AMSEC BFS2815E1 showcases an external dimension of 33” x 20” x 22 ¾”.  It works perfectly as a residential or commercial safe with its storage capacity of 6,568 cubic inches (3.8 cubic ft.). You can keep important documents, jewelry, heirlooms, extra cash, and so much more. It features two adjustable shelves, allowing you to customize how much space you need per layer to help you organize things. This safe weighs 490 lbs. and looks classy in its two-toned gray and black finish.

Structurally sound door and body

This steel storage provides an assurance and peace of mind that your valuables are safe and that burglars will not succeed with their forced entry attempts. Its door has an overall thickness of 1-1/2″ with a ½” solid steel plate. AMSEC BFS2815E1 also showcases a durable body with its 2.31″ double-wall construction. It bears a UL Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification. This rating signifies excellence in durability, performance, and quality. This safe survived an extensive 5-minute performance test conducted by one man using various mechanical tools less than 18 inches in length. Some of the tools used include adjustable wrenches, pry bars, chisels, screwdrivers, punches, and hammers (with 3 pounds or lighter head weight),

With fire-resistant properties

AMSEC BFS2815E1 is verified fire-resistant after passing a certification test where it underwent exposure to an external heat of 1700 degrees F for up to 60 minutes. In this trial, it maintained an interior temperature not exceeding 350 degrees F during the entire test duration. At this level, paper materials will still not react or ignite. T

Programmable and convenient lock

This storage is safe is not just durable but also equipped with a strict locking mechanism. AMSEC BFS2815E1 features a convenient electronic lock, ESL10XL. This digital lock has electronics encapsulated within and sealed, protecting it from moisture-related features that prevent any functional failure. You can also program one user and change the 6-digit combination anytime you feel the need to do so for additional security. In addition, it comes with a soft-touch membrane keypad that only requires low activation pressure yet still provides the best security.

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