AMSEC BDP24 STAR Rectangular Body Floor Safe



  • Inside Dimensions:
    • Top:12″H x 12 ½”W x 4 1/4″D
    • Bottom: 12″H x 12 ½”W x 13 3/4″D
  • Outside Dimensions: 13″H x 13″W x 22″D
  • Clear Door Safe Only:
    • Top: 7-1/4″ DIA
    • Bottom: 6-3/8″ DIA
  • Cu. Ft. Storage:
    • Top: 0.37
    • Bottom: 1.19
  • Weight: 142 lbs.
  • Burglar Rating:
    • Body: B
    • Door: C

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Product Details:

  • Double-chambered safe with slotted inner door
  • Includes outside drop chute
  • High-strength construction
  • With lift-out door resistant to burglary and drill attacks

Double-chambered safe with slotted inner door

AMSEC BDP24 is an in-floor safe featuring a rectangular body, two chambers, and a slotted inner door. The total external dimension of this storage is 13” x 13” x 22”. The upper compartment has 638 cubic inches (0.37 cubic ft) storage space, while the bottom chamber is larger with 2,063 cubic inches (1.19 cubic ft).

Includes outside drop chute

This floor safe showcases an outside drop chute wherein deposits go directly to the lower chamber. This feature allows businesses to have a better cash-handling system. It also includes a dual-key compartment, and you can assign the lower chamber’s key to the manager as this layer catches the deposits. The upper chamber can store rolled coins, non-confidential documents, and low-value items that any employee can access.

High-strength construction

AMSEC BDP24’s body proudly carries a B rating for burglary classification because of its durable, all-steel construction. When installed in concrete, its contents can also enjoy fire protection, and it becomes difficult to move and remove. Thieves will also not notice it because, after installation, you can cover it with a rug, tile, carpet, or furniture and utilize the floor space as you please. The floor is also the least likely location that burglars will check because of limited time.

With lift-out door resistant to burglary and drill attacks

This storage safe’s lift-out door showcases a C-rating for burglary classification with a 7 ¼” (diameter) clear opening and 1 ¾”-thick solid steel material. AMSEC BDP24 also features a manipulation-resistant U.L. Group II key-changeable lock with a carburized hard plate for protection. It has a removable dial and drill-resistant spindle to prevent damages from burglary attacks. Additionally, this safe’s door has three bolts that lock it securely. Each bolt requires a massive force of 25,000 lbs. to shear.

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