AMSEC B6 STAR Rectangular Body Floor Safe



  • Inside Dimensions: 12″H x 10″W x 5 1/4″D
  • Outside Dimensions: 12 ½”H x 11 1/4″W x 9 3/4″D
  • Clear Door Safe Only: 7 1/4″ DIA
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.36
  • Weight: 62 lbs.
  • Burglar Rating:
    • Body: B
    • Door: C

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Product Details:

  • Compact, rectangular safe with a round, lift-out door
  • Secret storage 
  • Strong construction and material
  • With fire and water resistance

Compact, rectangular safe with a round, lift-out door

AMSEC B6 is a floor safe that showcases a rectangular body and a round lift-out door. It has an external dimension of 12½” x 11-1/4″ x 9-3/4″, and its clear door has a diameter of 71/4″. It offers interior storage and interior storage space of 630 cubic inches  (0.36 cubic ft) and can accommodate documents, jewelry, extra cash, family heirlooms, and many more.

Secret storage

This safe, when installed in concrete, offers discreet storage for your valuables. Although it provides ample room for your belongings, it is still space-saving. You can cover it with a rug, carpet, tile furniture and use the floor space as usual. Burglars will not notice this hidden safe because the floor is the least area that they will check should they break into your house or office. Typically, they will grab anything they see because they are also in a hurry. Homeowners and business owners will enjoy peace of mind knowing that their most prized possessions are safe even if they are not physically around.

Strong construction and material 

AMSEC B6 has an all-steel construction, showcasing a body with a B rating and a C-rated door for burglary classification. These badges ensure that this safe is durable and can endure physical attacks to protect its contents. In addition, the three bolts of its door lock it securely, and it will take a massive amount of force (around 25,000 lbs), to make each shear.

With fire and water resistance

AMSEC B6’s in-floor installation with concrete surrounding it not only provides burglary resistance but also fire protection. It also showcases a water-resistant dust cover, showcasing an “O”-ring seal. This seal doesn’t fall or slide easily and can prevent damages that fire hoses or water from above can cause. To provide your belongings utmost protection against water, put your valuables inside a zip lock bag before placing them in the safe.

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