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The AMSEC AM2020E5 Home Security Safe Compact model provides you with the basic model under its category. AM2020E5 meets 45 minutes of fire protection at 1200-degree F, which gives it a B rating under the approval testing. The Interior will see less than 350-degree F, protecting your valuables inside from any potential damage. The unit is built with high strength 12-gauge solid steel material, giving you peace of mind

AMSEC AM2020E5 Safe comes with Blue powder coating and Black Nickel hardware and a beautiful Gray Fabric interior. This safe has an aesthetically pleasing, simple, and elegant design while meeting the 45 min fire protection standards under testing.

AMSEC AM2020E5 provides you with an illuminated keypad on its electronic lock for usage in a dark situation. The electronic lock is programmable. The unit also has an electrical access hole.

AMSEC AM2020E5 can be used to safe-keep your important documents, jewelry, cash, guns, camera, hard-drives, passports, or your other valuables. The anchor bolts provided will help secure the safe so it cannot be easily opened or broken into. This model is ideal for home and small offices.

AMSEC AM2020E5 is the smallest of the three safes in this series, with 4,710 cu inches storage space. If you want to consider larger storage volumes with similar features, look at AM3020E5 and AM4020E5 models.

AMSEC AM2020E5 is built by American Security, which is a trusted brand for safes and vaults since 1946, which means the products are time tested and quality guaranteed. Buying from City Safe will ensure that you get guaranteed service, support and customer care promptly and with a smile.

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