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Open Sentry Safe Staten Island

Expert Open Sentry Safe Service in Staten Island

City Safe offers open sentry safe service all over Staten Island. We carefully open it without damaging the safe and its contents.

City Safe Nyc

24/7 Open Sentry Safe Service

Are you locked out of your safe and lost the key? Or the lock is malfunctioning? City Safe is here to assist you. Our skilled locksmiths can unlock any commercial or residential safe & vault. Their skills and experience have enabled them to complete the task in one go. They are well-trained and certified to open it even if you have lost the key, forgot the combination, or your safe shows any error.
Our locksmiths not only open sentry safes but all types of them. We provide complete locksmith services to ensure your peace of mind. Call us anytime and hire us. Our services are available 24/7 in Staten Island

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City Safe Nyc

Our Expert Open Sentry Safe Services

Sentry Safe Unlocking

If your sentry safe is locked, let our locksmiths handle it. They have the skills, tools, and expertise to unlock it efficiently without breaking a sweat. No matter if you have forgotten the combination or it is malfunctioning, City Safe is here to assist you.

Safe Combination Retrieval

Did you forget the combination? Let us help you retrieve it. Our locksmiths have experience in unlocking and retrieving the lost password without damaging your safe & vault.

Electronic Lock Repair and Replacement

Is there any problem with your sentry safe lock? We can repair or replace it depending on the needs. We bring the top quality locks with us for replacement, restoring your safe functionality.

Safe Maintenance and Inspection

Regular safe & vault maintenance is very important to ensure its proper functionality. City Safe offers detail-oriented safe & vault maintenance and inspection services to keep it in the best condition possible. They also detect the signs of wear and tear and provide certain repairs.

Safe Installation and Delivery

Do you need a new sentry safe for your home or office? We have the best quality safes at our store. Discuss your requirements with our experts, and they will help you choose the best one. We not only sell safes but deliver and install them in Staten Island as well.

City Safe Nyc

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed by City Safe

At City Safe, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. Our team is working day and night to bring unmatched client satisfaction. Residents of Staten Island prefer to hire us because we offer

Timely and reliable service

Exceptional attention to detail

Competitive pricing

Friendly and knowledgeable technicians.

Quick response times, especially in emergencies.

100% client satisfaction

Are you ready to experience the best open sentry safe services in Staten Island?

City Safe Nyc


You might need sentry safe services if you are locked out of your safe, have forgotten the combination, or are experiencing issues with the safe’s lock or electronic system.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in unlocking all types and models of Sentry Safes, regardless of their size, age, or locking mechanism

Our technicians use non-destructive methods to unlock sentry safes. We prioritize damage-free access to your safe, and we have a high success rate in preserving the integrity of the safe.

Yes, we offer safe combination retrieval services. Our experts have techniques to recover your combination without damaging the safe.

24/7 Emergency Service

Provided to all neighborhoods in New York.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We will make sure you are happy with our service

Manufacturer Warranty

On all safes sold. City Safe provides a warranty for all service

Nationwide Shipping

We will ship your safe to almost every state