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Complete Guide In Choosing The Best Burglary Safes For Home And Commercial Use

You are searching for the best burglary safes that seem simple enough because a safe is a metal box, right? Upon further investigation, you find that there’s more to a safe than you expected. Search the Internet, and you will find many self-proclaimed experts that tell you what you are supposed to know about buying a safe. 

If you are looking long enough, you start to see that there is often conflicting information. You work hard for your most prized possessions. If you neglect your protection system, you might end up losing them. It is why you need to check this guide on how to choose the best safes for you. 

You will have peace of mind and won’t have to worry about losing your valuables. Your cash, jewelry, documents, and other valuable items remain safe and secure in your security safe. Safes can become categorized into peril or style types. 

Falling under peril types are burglar safes and fire safes. As the name suggests, burglar safes are for the protection of valuables against burglary. Fire safes are used to protect items from damage caused by fire and heat. Some manufacturers even offer combined, burglar and fire, options. 

Falling under design types are traditional box-shaped safes that can either or not become anchored to the floor, hidden floor and wall safes, weapon safes, security lock boxes, and diversion safes.

Your choice will depend on the degree and type of protection necessary for the estimated value of the items you are storing, the final placement of the safe, and the price you are willing to spend. One should consider how easy the lock is to use and whether you need portability.

Here are important things to keep in mind before purchasing a safe:

  • Not all gun safes are created equal – There are several qualities that differentiate safes and vaults from each other and they are mostly because of their features. Aside from features, their purpose and function vary and are intended for different locations.
  • Choose the right type of locking mechanism – It is a smart move to know the type of locking system you should have is the one that fits the purpose of your safe and your preferred lock type. This way, 
  • Don’t buy a burglar fire safe that is rated too LOW for the content value – A burglary fire safe is rated for a reason. It is not just a rating but is also used to identify the intended purpose of the safe.
  • When to use a wall safe – There are many instances where you’ll have a hard time concealing a safe. If you own a wall safe, it would be easier to hide it with objects like frames, cabinets, etc.
  • Internal size of the safe according to planned content – It is apparent to plan the objects that you are planning to store in your safe. This is to make sure that you will have the right size when it comes to your safe storage.
  • Where to place safe – You might think the location could be anywhere you want but that is not entirely correct. You may choose to have a preference but it is useless if it is not an advisable place for a safe location.
Gardall FB2714 Home Security One-Hour Fire Safe full open empty
Gardall Vault open drawers with jewelries props
Gardall FB2013 Home Security One-Hour Fire Safe open empty drawer

Choosing The Right Item To Store

A best burglary safe will make sure that all documents are protected, your assets, and your loved ones are secured in case of almost any catastrophic event, as well as allow you to keep all your important info in one convenient, private, burglar-proof storage.

The very items we often keep in a  home safe  may the ones that shouldn’t be there, such as valuables that aren’t inventoried, documents you rarely need, and large sums of cash. Other items such as insurance documents and priceless heirlooms also need to be stored in a safe place, but which valuables are best protected in a  fireproof, gun safe  at home, and which belong in a safety deposit box at a bank?

Here’s what you should store in it:

  • Documents – The best examples of documents to store in a safe are your insurance info, medical documents, birth certificates, passport, social security card, identification cards, wills, financial documents, property deed and car title, photos, and other legal documents.
  • Jewelry – You can store all kinds and pieces of jewelry including diamonds, antiques, and other types of expensive pieces of jewelry.
  • Electronics – There are various electronic devices that could be stored in your safe including laptops, gadgets, collectibles, and many more. You can even store your phone in it for temporary use. These gadgets are expensive and usual storage of important files and documents and therefore, should be protected properly.
  • Cash – Some people store their cash in a safe to save bank fees. If you are one of them, then choosing the best cash safe for you should do the trick. 
  • Guns – It is fundamental for gun owners to have their guns and other weapons out of reach from children. Aside from that, these weapons are dangerous and should be placed somewhere they could be safe from burglary and unforeseen occurrences.

Choose The Locking Mechanism That Works For You

Locking mechanism options for your home safe. In addition to thinking about what you want to store in your home safe, size requirements, and level of burglary and fire protection, it’s important to consider how you want it to lock.

There are four common types of locking mechanisms for home safes, each with a different purpose. Consider these four locks so you can decide which locking mechanism on a home safe is right for you.

  1. Dial/Combination – Combination locks are hard to crack given that there are one million possible combinations on a three-wheel combination lock. It would also only requires very little maintenance due to its lock system. It is very reliable since it has been used for many years.

    Aside from that, it would take a considerably longer time to get into than a newer, more technologically advanced, locking mechanism. It would require you to remember the combination and with regular lock change that is mandatory, you are more prone to lockout.

    Even with that in mind, if possible, it is not advisable to write your combination number down. If a burglar finds your combination it basically renders your safe useless.
  2. Digital Number Keypad – A digital number keypad is usually quicker accessed than combination safes. With its advance and programmable features, you could install multiple programmable entry codes. Another useful feature is the automatic locking after failed entry attempts, keeping away burglars from gaining access to your safe.

    It is advisable to have the code changed often so that the numbers are not worn down by overuse and easily give away the combination to possible burglars.
  3. Biometric Locks – Biometric locks use fingerprint or voice recognition, or retinal scans to open your home safe. By implementing these types of personal identification, biometric locks are often considered the most secure form of a locking mechanism.

    It can be programmed to read multiple fingerprints, voices, or retinas so that other people can be given access where appropriate. Further increased security if a biometric safe is combined with a digital number keypad.
  4. Lock and Key – You have a tangible object to keep which many people may find advantageous. Usually less secure than other locking mechanisms given that your key can be stolen or misplaced. If you do decide on a key lock safe, keep keys in a spot that is not obvious to thieves and consider keeping one key in a safe deposit box at a bank in case other keys are lost.

Research On Safe Manufacturers

A trustworthy locksmith is the first person you look for. But which one should you choose? Finding the best locksmith and filtering out the right guy who is reliable and good at their job takes time. Be it fixing the broken lock or coming up with key duplication.

If you have any sort of problem involving locks, you want to choose a trustworthy, local locksmith who can provide the services you need. Whether it’s lock maintenance, repair, or an emergency lockout, choosing the right company is key. Hiring a locksmith is a security matter for your home or business. You want to ensure that they are knowledgeable, skilled, and deliver quality service.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unqualified locksmiths out there and commonly run scams which confuse customers. You can find ads online for locksmith companies that seem to be local. In reality, a dispatch center far away sends an unlicensed technician who insists that the service needed costs more than the estimate. 

  • Reliable Website Reviews – Usually, a service provider’s website could tell the quality of the service a locksmith company provides. 
  • Check for Licensing and Certificates – A legitimate locksmith company will provide you with all necessary documents that prove they are a reputable company and will gladly oblige to any of your requests for validation.
  • Get Referrals before Hiring – One of the safest ways to know a locksmith company is reliable is by getting referrals. Aside from getting their opinion about the service of the company, you will also get the chance to decide the best company for the type of safe you are planning to install or purchase.
  • Guarantee Product Warranty – A product warranty is one of the most essential things to check in any case of an emergency. You will never know what will happen to your product and it is much better to be prepared in any situation.
  • Clear Estimate – It is always advisable to have a locksmith company that provides you a quote for whatever type of service you are asking for. 
  • Locally Owned and Operated – Do they have a location open to the public? This way, it will be easier to access anything or important documents that are needed in different kinds of transactions.
  • Are they available during emergencies? – The locksmith company should be available at times that you need them the most. That could be any time. A locksmith provider that serves 24/7 is the most advisable company out there.
  • Ask for Written Estimate – Upon transaction of purchase and installation, getting a written estimate is considered mandatory. There will be expected additional miscellaneous fees for some companies and one should be ready for this.

Safe & Vault Specialists in New York

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