AMSEC BWB3025FLR Rear Loading Deposit Safe



  • Inside Dimensions: 19″H x 24 3/4″W x 22″D
  • Outside Dimension: 39 3/4″H x 25″W x 25″D
  • Clear Door Safe Only: 24 3/4″H x 21 1/4″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 6
  • Weight: 352 lbs.
  • Shelf Count: 2
  • Burglar Rating: B

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Product Details:

  • Rear-loading deposit safe, ideal for business use
  • B-rated with high-tensile steel body
  • Secures multiple drops with interior locker
  • With key-changeable lock protected by a large carburized hard plate

Rear-loading deposit safe, ideal for business use

AMSEC BWB3025FLR is a deposit safe with a rear-facing hopper that gives extra security when anchored between a hole. This slot can accommodate large packages and bill envelopes up to a maximum size of 4.00″ x 9.00″ x 11.50″. The safe has an external dimension of 39.75″ H X 25.00″ W X 25.00″ D, and its design and functionalities suit well with cash-handling businesses. It allows multiple drops of cash bags from anyone in the company at any time of the day. The rear load hopper features anti-fish baffles at the top and bottom for protection. It helps provide a smooth cash management process while minimizing theft incidents within the business premises. As a business owner, you will have complete control over assigning authorized persons to access the safe even if everyone can deposit.

B-rated with high-tensile steel body

Boasting a B rating for burglary classification, it affirms users of its high quality and durability. It features an A36 solid steel door and a high tensile body. The door is also recessed and has a thickness of ½” with excellent resistance against pry attacks. In addition, all four sides of its body showcase reinforced internal jambs that protect it from various forms of forced entry, such as sledgehammer attacks.

Secures multiple drops with interior locker

AMSEC BWB3025FLR has a separate interior locker where deposits from the rear-facing hopper fall. It measures 8.63″x 19.75″x 14.00″ and provides ample storage for your numerous drops. Its door has a thickness of ¼” and includes a single-key cam lock with two keys. In addition, it has a larger compartment outside where you can enjoy two adjustable shelves to help you organize your valuables. Its inside door also features a coin rack where you can place your rolled coins.

With changeable key lock protected by a large carburized hard plate

This safe comes standard with a key changeable combination lock that is highly reliable. It doesn’t run on batteries or a power supply, so it will not fail you in any way. However, AMSEC BWB3025FLR allows you to have a convenient electronic lock for an upgrade. Your lock choice will always come with a large carburized hard plate for protection against forced entry attempts. It also features an auxiliary spring-loaded relocker that secures the bolts in a closed position even if burglars perform drill attacks.


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