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At City Safe, we ensure that the installation process accords maximum convenience during usage. Our technicians are safe and vault product experts and advise you accordingly to ensure to make the most from your security system.

Without professional intervention from a locksmith, you will find it extremely difficult to successfully install such systems owing to their cumbersome nature. To ensure that you invest in the best safe or vault for your business or home, get a free consultation with us to get an expert’s point of view. This will also help you to budget for the purchase and installation process.

City Safe Locksmiths have been engaged in hundreds of installation jobs for commercial vaults and safes, home safes, movable and fixed safes as well as hidden safes and vaults. The technical team at City Safe is given strategic advantage in the market through capacity building exercises which familiarize them to all safe and vault brands used in America.

It takes a specific edge in craftsmanship to obscure your safe or vault in a manner not discernible by strangers. To our highly esteemed clients, we recommend safe and vaults with a superior lock system that is burglar-proof, tamper-proof, resistant to damage from fire, water or heat. We walk the extra mile to bolt the safes in place on a concrete slab and make precise door vault installation.

Installing a vault door is a daunting task that many cannot do without inflicting damage to your property or hurting themselves. This owing to the chances of the massive door tipping over as it is not proportionally balanced in its tall and thin structural design. A typical vault door can weigh up to 2000 lbs.

We, however, have a perfect track record installing vault doors in the locality with specialized equipment and experienced safe and vault technicians. We are also proficient in setting up a residential gun vault where access is restricted to most. We advise our customers on the most suitable places to set up their gun safe with a clear path to move the bulky gun and vault designs.

We also ensure that the entire structure is leveled, bolted down, proper lighting set up as well as dehumidifying its interior. For floor safes, several considerations are made based on the type of floor. The choice of safe is based on how secure a user feels the design is in safeguarding valuables.

For this category, we have also mastered seeking an ideal location evading all the potential risks associated with floor safes. For most floor safes, their locking mechanism is corrupted by elements such as dust and moisture. After some time the concrete also seeps into the safe’s structure making it hard to open or close.

Lucky for your, safe installation NYC as facilitated by City Safe technicians work around all these factors to provide a safe or vault installation process that is functional for the long run.Make an appointment with our safe and vault specialist to plan for the best installation outcomes in New York.

Make an appointment with our safe and vault specialist to plan for the best installation outcomes in New York!

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