AMSEC CSC3018 | B Rated Safe Burglary and Fire Safe

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  • 8,802 cubic inches (5.1 cubic ft) storage space, 30” x 18” x 16.5” inner dimensions
  • Door: 4 ⅝” thick with composite material & intumescent seal guard. Removable when open.
  • RSC rating and Two-hour 350-degree F rating on a 1700-degree F fire exposure.
  • 7 bolts – 3 deadbolts and 4 locking bolts.
  • Combination lock, U.L. listed Group II type, with tempered glass relock device.
  • Spy-proof dial with chrome plating.
  • Body: 2 ⅞” thick double-wall steel with fire-resistant material inside.
  • Fascia panel and a matching three point handle.
  • 3 adjustable and/or removable shelves
  • 1-year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • 1-anchor hole
  • Weight: 480 lbs

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The AMSEC CSC3018 Commercial Security Safe is a larger-sized safe in its category. CSC3018 Safe is ideal for commercial establishments that need to safe-keep their documents, jewelry, electronic memory devices, collectibles, or cash. It can be used at home also. The safe stands on 4 casters, so it can be moved around easily.

AMSEC CSC Series Burglary rated safes have a U.L rating of RSC (Residential Security Container) for burglar safety. This safe can withstand a break-in attempt that lasts 5 minutes on all sides with many tools – may it be hammers, pry bars, adjustable wrenches, punches, chisels, or screwdrivers.

AMSEC CSC3018 Fire-rated Safe is rated for 2 hours 350-degree F performance. When exposed to raging fires at 1700-degree F, the internal temperature of the safe was still below 350-degree F after 2 hours. Considering that an average house fire only reaches 1200-degree F, this safe does provide excellent fire protection.

CSC series Composite Safes are made with a 4 ⅝” steel door and 2 ⅞”  thick steel body. The strongly built door has fire-resistant materials inside 2” thick metal sheets. The door also features intumescent material that protects the locks under fire. There are 7 bolts which are of 1½” diameter – 3 deadbolts and 4 locking bolts. The locking mechanism is a Group II Combination lock.

AMSEC CSC3018 Security Safe has 30” high and 18” wide interior, with a depth of 16.5”. 

AMSEC CSC3018 Safe is built by American Security, which is a trusted brand for safes and vaults since 1946, which means the products are time tested and quality guaranteed. Buying from NYCITYSAFE will ensure that you get guaranteed local service, support, and customer care; promptly and with a smile.

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Weight 530 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 23.5 × 35.5 in
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B-Rated Burglary Safe by Amsec
AMSEC CSC3018 | B Rated Safe Burglary and Fire Safe
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