AMSEC BF7250 | 120-Minute Fire Gun Safes




  • Weight: 1,789 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Inside Dimensions: 65.50″ H X 46.00″ W X 21.00″ D
  • Outside Dimensions: 71.25″H x 50″W x 28″D
  • 14+14+14+2=44 Guns capacity
  • Key Changeable Combo Dial
  • 120 Minutes @ 1200º fire rating
  • 3/8″ plate steel, 4 anchor holes with Internal Electrical Power Outlet
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Product Details:

  • RSC-rated Fire Gun storage
  • Includes Premium Door Organizer and E-Z Slant-Out Interior
  • With DryLight fill material for increased fire protection
  • Gear-driven locking mechanism

RSC-rated Fire Gun storage

AMSEC BF7250 proudly bears the RSC label (Residential Security Container) Burglary Classification. This rating means that it was able to pass a UL-designed test to resist home burglary. It was a 5-minute test where one man utilizes tools that can usually be found in a household. This safe also features an external dimension of 71.25″(h) x 50″(w) x 28″(d) with a gun capacity of 14+14+14+2=44. It makes ideal storage for long guns, assault rifles, and other valuables

Includes Premium Door Organizer and E-Z Slant-Out Interior

This safe showcases a 36.52 cu. ft. storage space with an inside dimension of 65.50″ (h) X 46.00″ (w) X 21.00″ (d). It also comes with Premium Door Organizer (PDO) that fully utilizes its storage capacity and quick access to items that you regularly use. PDO includes transparent pouches, zippered pockets, and two rows of holders that can accommodate small flashlights, ammo, and choke tubes. It also showcases a full-width pistol storage system that can carry multiple handguns. This safe also features E-Z Slant-Out interior upholstered in rich pin-dot fabric, providing easy access to your long guns.

With DryLight fill material for increased fire protection

The 2″-thick wall of  AMSEC BF7250 features seamless DryLight concrete insulation materials between the walls and door’s steel. This material eliminates a gypsum board’s use as barriers with an exceptional fire and security protection capability. It can withstand an external temperature of 1200°F within a 120-minute duration while maintaining an interior temperature of less than 350°F.

Gear-driven locking mechanism

AMSEC BF7250 features UL Rated lock key changeable combo dial of your choice among electronic (ESL 10XL, ESL 20XL, ESL5, S&G 6120) and mechanical lock options. Upon entering correct lock combinations, a  smooth gear-driven locking mechanism opens the door on the commercial grade. The support from an increased handle rotation made this smooth opening possible. The door’s adjustable bearing hinges to a full swing of 180° and the handle also disengages when under severe attack.

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Weight 1789 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 50 × 71.25 in



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AMSEC BF7250 120-Minute Fire Gun Safes
AMSEC BF7250 | 120-Minute Fire Gun Safes
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